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The company inherits the reserching development, production and sales business of opto-electronic products developed by military enterprise (Former Yunnan Optical Instruments Factory). The company is producing 5 kinds of opto-electronic and medical instrument used for observing, sighting, monitoring, evidencing and medical treatment, all the dozens of instruments cover white light, low-level light, infrared spectrum with integrated the relative technology. The company will follow ‘PANDA’ binoculars, quality that was made painstakingly in tens of years and endeavor in upgrading the quality of series high power binoculars, night vision device and military binoculars. The company is always rea...
YDJ Colposcope

YDJI-1 Colposcope

YDJI-3 Colposcope


YDJII-1 Colposcope

YDJ III Colposcope

YDJ III-1 Colposcope

YDJ III-2 Colposcope